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Jason Gouliard

Jason Gouliard is...

a UX designer, cross-platform product designer, and design team manager – specializing in user experience for desktop apps, mobile apps, and websites.  He is currently the design manager for Microsoft's e-commerce experiences across PC, phone, web, and Xbox - specializing in data-driven, results-based, agile design. 

I also make art in my free time, and am represented by the Seattle Art Museum Gallery - contact them for details on my art or contact me to see more examples of design work.



Senior Design Manager at Microsoft - Storefronts, Nov 2015 - Present

I lead, define and drive IA, UI/UX, visual design, and motion for Microsoft storefront experiences across PC, Phone, Web, and Xbox. Storefronts = e-commerce and associated UX for all parts of the purchase funnel from discovery scenarios like marketing pages to product pages, cart, checkout, wallet, configuration, Microsoft Pay, etc. 

I work closely with engineering, product management, marketing, brand, and company leaders to successfully take nascent concepts to market. I am also responsible for managing the day to day design activities as well as mentoring designers in various stages of their careers. I value diversity on my design team - diversity of backgrounds, ages, nationalities, and skill sets - because we design better products when we include more perspectives. I have a strong background in data-driven design and experimentation. 

I also manage the team of front-end developers responsible for the HTML, CSS, and XAML for storefronts experiences.

Senior Design Manager at Microsoft - MSN apps, Nov 2014 - Nov 2015

I was the design lead for the MSN suite of apps on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.  

A quick, back of the napkin calculation here for you: 6 apps, 3 platforms, 2 form factors = a whole bunch of patterns to juggle.

While working with engineers, researchers, and integrators, I lead a global team of world-class designers to simultaneously design and build 6 apps on iOS and Android with unique UXs for both phone and tablet. Taking 6 different apps and designing a user experience that was familiar on different platforms - while at the same time - respecting the inherent platform design patterns was a big challenge. 

I was also given the opportunity to partner with our fantastic design research team in Seattle, Tokyo, and Boston.

The apps include: MSN Sports, MSN Money, MSN News, MSN Weather, MSN Food & Drink, MSN Health & Fitness.  After we released the cross-platform apps, I became the senior design manager and creative director for the same apps on Windows 10. The MSN apps were designed with a mobile-first strategy that scaled from phone to desktop. I was responsible for the design system that all drove the UX and IA for the four apps.

Creative Director at Golden Frog, 2009 - 2013

I managed the creative team at Golden Frog. We designed cross platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) apps and produced marketing deliverables in print and for the web. I was responsible for the design and development of the marketing sites as well as the product designer for our desktop, mobile, and web apps. While at Golden Frog I helmed two large product releases - VyprVPN and Dump Truck. VyprVPN is a personal VPN service and Dump Truck was an online storage product akin to Dropbox.

Director of Interactive Media at Russell/Shaw, 2008 - 2009

As the Director of Interactive Media, my job was to design, build, and manage our client’s brands on the web. My day-to-day duties entailed working directly with clients to determine project scope, features, and timelines; as well as designing, developing, brainstorming, pitching new projects, and being the resident technologist for our organization. I also managed various remote development teams. 

Designer at National Instruments, 2007 - 2008

At National Instruments I was responsible for the designing deliverables behind global product marketing campaigns as well as managing the feedback and requirements from a diverse group of engineers and product managers.  I was responsible for art directing photo shoots as well as working directly with internal stakeholders to design and develop unique, global web experiences. 

Designer at the Charles Moore Foundation, 2005-2007

I volunteered weekends for a year before I was hired full-time as a print and web designer. We held annual symposia, lectures, and published a series of travel guides called PLACENOTES. As the resident designer, my job was to design and develop websites, brochures, logos, and books. 

Business Analyst at Apple Computer, 2002-2005

I started out as a bilingual customer support representative and worked my way up to business analyst in the product allocation team.  


University of Texas at Austin — Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2002